CBF is a product obtained through single-stage extraction from basaltic rock melt without the use of any chemicals. Basalt fiber has high natural strength and it is resistant to the effects of aggressive media. This fiber has long service life and excellent electrical insulating properties. By technical characteristics, basalt fiber is superior to S-glass and E-glass and just slightly inferior to carbon fiber.

Improved properties

Manufacturers of artificial inorganic fibers have always faced a major challenge: each percentage of improvement in the properties of fibers entails 10% increase in cost. The basic properties of carbon fiber are 10% better than the properties of glass fiber, but the cost is disproportionately very high..

Vacant market

The global synthetic fiber market accounts for about 20 million tons per year. In this market, CBF occupies a practically vacant niche between mass ordinary glass fiber and elite high-modulus fibers (aramid and carbon fiber) for special applications.

Target positioning

CBF is a fiber used for mass production of composites and products used in such difficult conditions as high/low temperatures, corrosive environments, areas with high vibration, and others. The properties of ordinary glass fiber cannot withstand these conditions, while special fibers are too expensive to be used for mass production.


Петрологическое направление

Basalt raw material

Use of our own unique techniques allows us to explore rocks at existing basalt quarries to determine whether they are suitable for CBF production.

Studying the raw materials

Инжиниринговое направление

Fiber production

The company mainly specializes in construction of CBF plants that make use of cutting-edge technologies, from low-capacity (200 tons/year) to large-capacity (5,000 tons/year) plants.

Basalt fiber engineering

Композитное направление

Composite production

Design and construction of plants producing CBF-based composite products, from launching of small mono-enterprises to expansion of the product line for large businesses.

Basalt composites engineering

Currently, Basalt Projects Ltd. is a basalt technology provider for Russian and foreign projects specializing on creation of basalt plants with a total capacity of about 20 thousand tons per year


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