CEO, Basalt Projects Company

Dear customers and visitors,

Each era marks a breakthrough in a certain sector. So it was with internal combustion engines, antibiotics, electricity and space exploration. I’m confident that the time has come for a radical breakthrough in the composite industry with the use of basalt materials.

Early studies and tentative steps towards studying the properties of basalt materials have long been made in the 60’s of the last century. Scientists in several countries conducted the studies, but the level of production technology at that time didn’t allow them to obtain continuous basalt fiber (CBF) of sufficiently high quality, ready to compete with other fibers.

Today, there are significant advances in all the fundamentals of basalt production: the technology has stepped forward considerably, laboratory tests have allowed to select raw materials to obtain basalt fiber with specifically set properties, and the global industry is ever ready. Moreover, new construction materials with better physical and mechanical properties are required.

All this creates a solid platform for reliable launching of the basalt industry into leading position in global development. This is especially true because the scope of CBF and basalt composites is practically unlimited: automotive industry, aeronautics sector, medicine and chemical industry, energy and construction. The wide range of properties of basalt fiber makes the material a basis for further development of the global technological progress. This is the view held by world’s prominent scientists and researchers.

Demand for CBF and CBF composites in all areas of the industry is growing, but large-scale production is hopelessly lagging behind, relying mainly on first-generation plants. These plants were established based on experimental prototype technology, whose aim was only to confirm that CBF production is possible, but not for industrial large-scale production. But latest-generation plants (2.0 technology) currently account for only 20% of the current capacity of worldwide CBF production.

The main goal of our company Basalt Projects is to develop the basalt industry throughout the world. We have combined both skilled and promising specialists from Russia and Ukraine, who are ready to provide assistance at any CBF production stage, from analysis of basalt rocks for suitability as raw materials to creation and management of industrial facilities.

We intend to put all efforts to promote technological basalt solutions through business implementation by creating basalt clusters and technological incubators. We are planning to construct and develop a scientific & industrial centre and comprehensively promote the use of basalt materials in various sectors and areas of life.

Our world-class experts have all the necessary skills required to deploy any modern technology, relying on latest scientific research. They can make the products conquer the global market. That’s exactly the reason why we have accumulated an impressive luggage of intellectual property, designed unique techniques and engineering solutions. Being fully aware that much importance is nowadays attached to environmental conservation and preservation, I would like to note that plants created by us meet all environmental safety standards.

We don’t limit ourselves to mere words and intentions, we’re actively moving towards achieving our goals and implementing our plans.

We are always ready for constructive dialogue with all those involved in any basalt fiber production stage and those using or planning to use basalt fiber. We are pleased to offer our own experience or listen to your suggestions and offers.

Briefly about Basalt Projects

We are a tightly-welded team of top engineers, who are one of the pioneers of basalt technologies. These engineers bring to the industry deep knowledge and unique experience in CBF production technologies.

Basalt Projects offers complex solutions in the field of construction of basalt plants. We also execute turnkey projects of any complexity, rendering full range of services on creation of industrial facilities – from design and survey work to management.

Our specialists have developed unique techniques used to determine the suitability of raw materials for CBF production. They have also designed various engineering solutions for creation of environmentally friendly CBF plants based on the latest-generation technology. The resulting products (roving, fiber) are designed for use in a wide range of climatic conditions, especially in aggressive environments for all sectors of the economy.

Basalt Projects has all the necessary resources, expertise and know-how to successfully execute any project on construction of a CBF plant using latest-generation technology.

At present, Basalt Projects possesses the following intellectual property:

  • Method for obtaining continuous mineral fiber.
  • A device for obtaining mineral melt by means of plasma heating.
  • A unit for obtaining fiber material.
  • Spinneret plate for production of mineral fibers.
  • Straight-through melting furnace for production of molten rock.

and other patents and certificates.