Development strategy

Continuous basalt fiber (CBF) and CBF-based composite materials have enjoyed a surge in demand over the past years, when cutting-edge production technologies helped to reduce their cost significantly.

Presently, basalt technologies are included in the list of technology priorities of leading countries of the world. In almost all countries, there is ongoing intensification of research in CBF application in a variety of industries.

Today, it’s difficult to name an industry that is not using basalt products in one way or the other due to their extensive range of physical and chemical characteristics. Against this background, widespread use of latest-generation production technologies is shifting demand for mass composite fiber towards CBF. For this, it is necessary to steadily increase production of high-quality CBF and enhance the capacity of composite enterprises.

Our strategic goal for the next 10 years (till 2025) is to build the world’s CBF production plants with a total capacity of 100 thousand tons per year.

Russia has not only huge reserves of basalt raw materials but also such an invaluable resource as cheap energy. This enables the country confidently take its place among global leaders in the production of basalt products.

With its necessary scientific and technological base, Basalt Projects provides a number of unique services and solutions on creation of enterprises that produce CBF and basalt composites, such as:

Petrological direction

Research surveys for existing basalt rock quarries to test their suitability for production of continuous basalt fiber.


Basalt fiber engineering

Based on existing data on optimal resource base, we design and construct efficient CBF-production plants using cutting-edge technologies.


Engineering of basalt composites

Our experts have developed standard solutions for composite plants  with production of the most popular products: geogrids, pipes, tanks, basalt fiber reinforced polymer fittings, etc


Projects financing

Our company’s financial experts have the solid experience on finding profitable investment options  (attracting funds and effective investments) for the various production phases.


Our company’s portfolio features a fully integrated solution on commissioning of CBF plant with 5000-tons-per-year capacity, from zero to turnkey level.

The CBF plant can host a plant for production of reinforced basalt fiber composite products. According to the standard solution , production is launched in several phases, the first of which starts production after a year.

At this market development stage, production of own composite materials at the CBF plant secures faster turnover and return on investment.