Basalt fiber reinforced polymer production

As a reinforcing component for composite materials, basalt fiber is in many respects a complete match to steel, carbon and glass fibers in various fields of production and construction.

The excellent characteristics of basalt composites make them very popular among buyers. The following characteristics make basalt composites preferable to other traditional materials: high strength with low weight, low thermal conductivity and hygroscopicity, strong resistance to environmental factors and aggressive media, high fire resistance and durability, excellent compatibility with organic and inorganic binders.

Apart from all these benefits, there is one more important thing – basalt fiber costs very low to produce and the final product is highly environmental friendly. At the present level of market development and high level of demand, composite production can quickly generate profit from investments in the enterprise.

Basalt Projects has turnkey solutions for creation of the most cost-effective composite plants based on continuous basalt fiber (CBF). Our experts can deploy additional workshops for production of basalt composite products in an existing CBF-production plant, and can also create a full-cycle plant  – from extraction of basalt raw materials  to production of basalt composites.

If necessary, we are ready to take on the issue of funding , further maintenance and support, as well as improvement of production on the terms of process management.
Specialists from Basalt Projects developed a pack plan (generic solution) creating a CBF production plant using cutting-edge technologies, comprising the step of pre-project planning, as well as phases of design and construction of large-scale plant of CBF and composites production, which at the current development stage of the market will bring the fastest ROI for the investors.

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