Construction of continuius basalt fiber (CBF) production facilities

Our company’s main activity is to create effective plants for production of continuous basalt fiber (CBF) using cutting-edge technologies. Basalt products coming out from such plants have high competitive advantage thanks to optimal price/quality ratio. The products also enjoy high demand in the market.

Basalt products are today used in a number of industries and in construction. CBF and CBF-based products are widely used in the construction of objects with high fire safety and waterworks, for laying of overpasses, thermal and acoustic insulation of residential and industrial buildings, and for automotive and shipbuilding industries.

One of the most attractive parts of production is its resource «asceticism»: CBF production technological scheme can be expressed by a «stone + energy = fibre» formula. Initial raw materials is basalt and it makes a third of all igneous rocks.

As a standard variant, our experts came up with a development scheme for basalt production at a CBF production plant, with a capacity of 5000 tons per year. Based on economic calculations, composite production at the plant will bring the fastest payback for the enterprise.

With this technological solution, it is possible to create more powerful plants with a capacity to produce 10,000, 20,000 and more tons of CBF per year. The relevant calculations and documentation are being prepared separately based on available information.

Building our industrial base is a paramount task towards saturation of the basalt products market, its development and strengthening.

Specialists from Basalt Projects make use of the latest design methods based on an integrated approach, separately thrashing through each stage extensively – from the raw materials base to obtaining the final composite product.
Specialists from Basalt Projects developed a pack plan (generic solution) creating a CBF production plant using cutting-edge technologies, comprising the step of pre-project planning, as well as phases of design and construction of large-scale plant of CBF and composites production, which at the current development stage of the market will bring the fastest ROI for the investors.

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