Construction phases of CBF production plant with a capacity of 5000 tons per year

Generally, Basalt Projects serves as a general contractor in the construction of CBF-production plants. So, the company doesn’t claim any share in the future enterprise.

Other terms of cooperation, including the need for subsequent stages and sub-stages, are negotiated in each separate case. Once we are interested in a project, we may help attract investment to the project.


Pre-project planning

Front-End Engineering allows to lay a solid foundation of the success of the future enterprise with minimal risk and reasonable cost. That is why we conduct two studies simultaneously – survey of basalt raw materials and economic calculations and modeling.

With our own unique techniques, we can conduct research surveys for existing basalt rock quarries to test their suitability for production of continuous basalt fiber. Apart from chemical analysis of samples, we also carry out unique plasticity test. These studies rule out possible early exhaustion of the raw material base and they prevent production of substandard raw materials that are used for production of basalt products, which can lead to financial damage to the company..

Return On Investment (ROI) Study – this is one more important stage in the creation of enterprises that pay off quickly and offer short-term profits. We make all the necessary estimates for a specific location where the basalt enterprise is to be established. The estimates are based on the amount of local taxes, land use tariffs, main roads, ports, cost of laying the necessary engineering utilities, etc.

The client is provided with detailed estimates of costs of production and logistics (even in cases where raw materials will be supplied from other countries). The estimates factor in the economic dynamics with respect to production and as a whole. All these estimates are made for a particular country and economic model for a period of 2-3 years, factoring in all possible risks.



We prepare all the technical and architectural documents, including other necessary documentation, taking into account involvement of local contractors or performance of work by us.

All the necessary documentations, including examination of industrial and environmental safety, are drafted according to international standards in English language but in compliance with local regulations. Besides, we translate the documentations into the language of the client’s country.

Project duration: 6-10 months.



Structural and architectural works and connection to the infrastructure will be carried out by contractors or by our company. Options are considered and negotiated at the economic calculations stage during which a different plan can be justified, for example, construction of large-capacity enterprise.

Construction of a CBF production plant, with 5000 tons/year capacity, will be implemented in three phases, which reflects one of the main features of the technology – flexible and modular scaling of production.

Commissioning of lines according to a standard project is carried out in the following order:

  • 1st line — 700 tons per year, ~ 9 months
  • 2nd line — 2000 tons per year, ~ 15 months
  • 3rd line — 2500 tons per year, ~ 18 months

The first line of the enterprise starts production at the construction stage of the second and third lines. Such scheme is to increase production capacity to the planned level.

At the design phase, technological solutions are laid for production of composite products based on the produced CBF.

Equipment purchase costs account for about 70% of all investments.

All equipment can be divided into three main parts:

  1. Furnance modules and units (with bushing assemblies), which are designed and mounted based on the deep knowledge and know-how of our engineers;
  2. Standard industry-specific equipment to handle fibers (winding machines, doubling machines, twisting machines, weaving looms and other machines);
  3. Non-standard equipment produced by engineering enterprises based on the project developed by our engineers.

The total cost of the project is determined at the economic calculations stage.


Support & Maintenance

Basalt Projects JSC provides complex technological support for production and full control over on-site maintenance of equipment. We use modern automated software systems for process and technical management. In our support and maintenance services, our specialists are always ready to promptly provide clients with the necessary spare parts and components.

Continuous R&D carried out by the Engineering Center for Basalt Technologies , as well as increased demand in the basalt industry  are contributing to development of basalt technologies. As part of process management, we are prepared to upgrade process nodes and processes to help keep the enterprise at current technological level.

Are you interested in technology and want to organize CBF production plant?

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Specialists from Basalt Projects developed a pack plan (generic solution) creating a CBF production plant using cutting-edge technologies, comprising the step of pre-project planning, as well as phases of design and construction of large-scale plant of CBF and composites production, which at the current development stage of the market will bring the fastest ROI for the investors.