Research surveys for basalt rocks

Basalt deposits – the result of volcanic lava exits – is present in almost every country. The major basalt fields, whose suitability for CBF production has been confirmed in the lab, are located in Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, China, India and Brazil. At the same time, out of the entire enormous basalt raw material base, only a small part has been examined for suitability for basalt fiber production.

It is the properties and the volume of raw material reserves that is the key to the economic success of the production operations, so the experimental research and feasibility study should be carried out at the pre-project planning phase of a CBF manufacturing facility.

The physical and chemical suitability of raw materials for basalt production are crucial for production of high-quality products with predefined properties.

Requirements for conditions on selection and composition of samples of raw materials are as follows: study samples can be the core of boreholes or fragments of primary rocks without refractory inclusions, such as quartz larger than 3 mm in size. The weight of each sample should not be less than 6 kg, while the number of samples is determined depending on the characteristics of the section of the basalt raw materials field.

The most advantageous option for creating a plant is to identify nearby basalt quarries with different rocks characteristics (acid-proof and alkali-proof) suitable for production of various kinds of basalt products.

Selection of samples should be representative in nature and fully reflect the raw material deposits. Samples with a porphyritic basalt structure and amorphous form are recommended for production. Moreover, the content of individual components in the basalt should be within the following limits:

Symbol of element Range of element content, %
1 SiO2 46-54
2 Al2O3 11-19
3 TiO2 2.5-0.2
4 Fe2O3 + FeO 7.0-16
5 K2O 0.2-4.0
6 MgO 2.0-11.0
7 Na2O 0.2-5.0
8 CaO 4-12

To analyze basaltic rocks, the experts of Basalt Projects Inc. have developed a unique technique, which is based on the combination of petrological studies and cutting-edge methods of phase analysis including laboratory melting at the high-tech equipment.

The study of basaltic rocks consists of three stages. To save the Customer’s funds, each consecutive stage of the study makes it possible to exclude sections not suitable for the CBF production from the deposit specified by the Customer.

The first stage in the study of rocks is an express-analysis method. Using a collected sample, the express-analysis allows the Customer to receive an analytical report on the feasibility of CBF manufacture as well as both parameters of the technological cycle and a set of recommendations on the preparation of raw materials. The express-analysis helps to prove for sure the feasibility of the experimental-industrial melting.

The second stage is a preliminary study of the deposit. It is conducted in order to localize rock slabs with fixed composition and properties in a given geological setting of the deposit.

The outcome of the research is a geological report on the feasibility of the quarry mining for CBF manufacture and recommendations for the further complex engineering survey, which will allow for the sharp reduction in expenditure on the complex engineering survey.

The third stage is a complex engineering survey of the licensed area. The complex survey verifies the volume of basaltic rocks suitable for CBF manufacture by conducting experimental-industrial melting. It is the main source of data to determine the optimal flowsheet and to prepare design and estimate documentation for the construction of CBF manufacturing facilities.

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Specialists from Basalt Projects developed a pack plan (generic solution) creating a CBF production plant using cutting-edge technologies, comprising the step of pre-project planning, as well as phases of design and construction of large-scale plant of CBF and composites production, which at the current development stage of the market will bring the fastest ROI for the investors.