For entrepreneurs and engineers

Demand for composite materials based on continuous basalt fiber (CBF) has not yet reached its peak. Research and practical experimental work on the use of basalt composites are constantly being conducted in most countries in the world, including Russia. But building and road construction industries, as well as housing and utilities sector are already in dire need of CBF-based composites. The supply at this stage of market development is significantly lagging behind demand.

Production of basalt fiber reinforced composites doesn’t require significant production facilities and spaces, special conditions and complex processes. But development or creation of a new plant is often slowed down by lack of funds for re-equipment of facilities, acquisition and installation of necessary technical base, staff hiring and re-profiling.

Our specialists are ready to help launch a composite production plant  based on basalt fiber at already existing facilities (hangars, shops, workshops, etc.). We are also ready to train engineers and technicians, identify the most profitable production volumes, sources of raw materials and financing. We also take upon ourselves the duty of finding investors .


Besides, we provide subsequent technological support and regularly updates the plant to maintain high level of competitiveness.