For innovation authorities

Developing the basalt industry is one of the priorities of the composite sector of leading economies of the world. Wide range of application of basalt products in construction, automobile and shipbuilding, hydraulic engineering and road construction makes the products extremely marketable.

Basalt deposits are distributed across Russia. The deposits are present almost in all regions of the country. They can be a source of new jobs and contribute to increasing the budgets of local governments.

Authorities seeking to introduce innovative component in the development of their region, town, city or village can order for a study of basalt raw materials field to test their suitability for production of basalt products, as well as order for feasibility studies for construction of a CBF enterprise .

Our company offers not only standard solutions for creation of enterprises for production of CBF and CBF-based composites, but we also help in finding investment , training engineers and technicians, providing subsequent support, and improving the production process on the terms of process management.