For investors, foundations and businesses

Continuous basalt fiber (CBF) is called the material of the 21st century due to its excellent characteristics, wide range of application, huge reserves of raw materials and low cost, which has been achieved over the last decade due to better production technologies.

Demand for CBF and basalt fiber reinforced polymer products is growing exponentially, while the number of latest-generation plants is considerably lagging behind. Such plants are currently the most profitable investment avenue with a quick payback.

Basalt Projects invites you to invest in cost-effective construction of new enterprises for the production of basalt products or enhancement of production capacities. Co-funding through creation of investment foundations is also an alternative.

We’re ready to monetize your ideas and resources. We’re capable of making your capital generate profit for you. The time spent doubting can be spent usefully by asking us all the questions you have. We will always be pleased to answer them!

Entry strategy

Investors wishing to invest in basalt production will receive a clear and understandable funding scheme. They will be able to evaluate the benefits and risks, relying on our experience and expert feasibility study, which is prepared at the pre-project planning phase. We also offer a model for co-funding through creation of specialized investment funds.

We offer for investments only those projects that have successfully passed our rigid investment efficiency filter. Supporting documentation is prepared and financial and economic model audited.

Marketing of products

Marketing issue of produced products – one of the key question that worries investors. We know and understand it very well. Specialists from our company carry out regular monitoring of the CBF and BFRP market to take into account all factors that affect the demand and pricing.
Moreover, Basalt Trade House as a part of Basalt Projects Group of Companies is ready to commit themselves to sell entire BFRP production produced by the plants we launched.

Considering the specifics of the investment market, as well as the variety of business ideas and funding formats, the terms of cooperation with potential partners are discussed individually. Please leave us your contact details and we will gladly work together to develop a mutually beneficial scheme that factors in your needs and our capabilities as much as possible.