The demand for “Basalt projects” services has stepped into the western hemisphere of the Earth.

In early September, an official delegation of representatives of Venezuela, led by the Ambassador in Russia, Mr. Carlos Rafael Faria Tortosa, took part in the meeting with the leadership of the GC “Basalt Projects”. Within the framework of the negotiations, the competence of the Group in terms of engineering of production of basalt fiber and final composite products based on it was presented.

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An agreement on the construction of a plant for the production of basalt composite products in the UK was signed

On July 19, at the office of the Basalt Projects Group of Companies, the negotiations that began in early 2018 ended with the signing of a contract for the organization of production of basalt-composite products in the UK.

The implementation of the agreement involves the launch of the enterprise in several stages, the first of which will take place in October this year after completion of commissioning works on the pultrusion lines “Compositor Sergey Rachmaninov” of its own design. Under the terms of the contract, Basalt projects also accomplish the supply of raw materials and implementation of guarantee and subsequent maintenance of equipment.

The organization of basalt-composite production is a precedent in the territory of the Foggy Albion. For the first time, the modern technology of manufacturing of the final composite product based on basalt fiber has been developed in island Europe. Already now, before the start of the plant, the partner company of the project received preliminary orders for the use of products in infrastructure construction represented by the largest organizations that provide an increase in both the country’s road network and its quality characteristics and the term of operation of all components.

Basalt Projects LLC will present its solutions on INNOPROM-2018


Ekaterinburg-EXPO will host the international industrial exhibition INNOPROM-2018 on July, 09-12. For the first time Basalt Projects LLC will take part in this annual event in the capital of Ural region. The company will be located on the joint booth Made in Russia organized by Moscow Export Center.

Basalt Projects will present its technical and engineering solutions for basalt fiber reinforced composite materials production and, specifically, the piltrusion equipment “Kompozitor”

We invite you to visit us at the Moscow Export Center booth 1D8 in the Industrial Automation zone. Warm welcome and interesting program are guaranteed!

The United team of GC “Basalt projects” became the silver winner of the mini-football tournament of Technopolis “Moscow”

The first day of summer, the World Children’s Day, was marked by a charity friendly mini-football tournament held by the Moscow Technopolis management with the support of the Department of Science of Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of Moscow, the Department of Sports and Tourism of Moscow and information support of the sectoral media on the base of the sports school of the Olympic reserve “Moskvich”.

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Basalt projects GC at the conference held as part of the International exhibition Composite-Expo

Delegates of Basalt Projects GC took part in the international scientific and practical conference ‘The Current State and Prospects for the Development of Production and Application of Composite Materials in Russia’, which was held as part of the 11th International Specialized Exhibition on Composite Materials and Technologies, Composite-Expo. Read more

Basalt projects GC participated in Conference on Composite Materials Application in Oil & Gas Industry

The conference was held in St. Petersburgwithin the framework of the subprogram «GrowthofProduction in Composite Materials and Composite ProductsSectors», which is part of Russia’s state program «Industrial Development and Enhancing Industry Competitiveness».

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Basalt Projects Group has demonstrated the potential of basalt fiber at the conference “Contemporary Technologies for Airports Design and Construction”

The presentation made by the spokespersons from the Union for Basalt Industry Development “Soyuzbazalt” addressed the issues of effective basalt fiber application to the construction of airports infrastructure.
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Basalt Projects and Moscow Polytech awarded winners of student conference and announced new competition

Basalt Projects and Moscow Polytech awarded winners of student conference and announced new competition

April 10-21, 2017, the Moscow Polytechnic University hosted the Open International Student Scientific and Technical Conference “SNTK of Moscow Polytechnic University – 2017” where students from MAMI and other higher institutions participated.

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Basalt Projects Inc. plans to manufacture continuous basalt fiber at Moglino SEZ

It is planned to invest 2.7 billion rubles in the CBF plant which is scheduled to be launched in late 2019. Basalt Projects has the latest generation technologies for the production of high-quality continuous basalt fiber and a team of experts who are able to apply the latest design methods based on the integrated approach.

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Investors enter the basalt market

Basalt Capital Fund started operations in December 2016. The main goal of the Fund is a global growth of the advanced materials industry through supporting promising innovative projects, plants producing basalt fiber and composites on its basis, and also composite materials research.

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