Basalt Projects on the shores of the northern seas

Basalt Projects on the shores of the northern seas

Executives of Basalt Projects Inc. have visited several industrial parks and industrial sites located in the Kaliningrad Region and intended for production launch.

Authority of the Kaliningrad Region is constantly implementing measures to support and stimulate industrial activity in priority sectors, and this is reflected in the positive dynamics of business activity in the region.

On December 2nd during the workshop at the Kaliningrad Region Administration, among other things, they discussed issues of deploying the manufacturing facilities for continuous basalt fiber and marine composites in the region.

The use of basalt composites in such aggressive environments as low temperatures under changeable humidity of the seaside and constant direct contact with salt water allows the producers to focus on the unique products that are in demand in both Russia and countries of the North Sea Basin.

Development of a regional maritime cluster in the Kaliningrad region will help to solve a number of important challenges the region’s economy faces in the fields of import substitution, enhancing the economy competitiveness, and increase of investment attractiveness for foreign investors.


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