Common goals for the future: Basalt Projects is visiting Moscow Polytech

Common goals for the future: Basalt Projects is visiting Moscow Polytech

Maxim A. Chernych, General Director of JSC Basalt Projects and Professor Nikolay E. Ablesimov, Counselor to the General Director for Science have visited the Department of Materials Science of the Moscow Polytechnic University with a working visit.

The Dean Anatoly Shlyapin received the representatives of Basalt Projects. The main purpose of the meeting was to establish cooperation in order toincrease the use of rock (basalt) materialsfor the development of novelproducts.

They discussed the main problems impeding the application of basalt fibers in modern composite materials, as well as activities to address these problems.Maxim Chernych and Nikolay Ablesimov became familiar with the department’s functioning; Anatoly Shlyapin talked about the system of professional training on the basis of Moscow Polytech and ongoing research work.

The parties agreed on the need to adapt educational and research programs to the requirements dictated by the current level of production in the composite industry, which is in dire need of fresh scientific approaches, the latest technologies and highly skilled professionals from a number of talented young people. In this case, a synergy of business and educational institutions must bring excellent results.

Maxim Chernych commented the meeting results as follows:

The framework for cooperation has been established. During the meeting and conversation with Anatoly Shlyapin, a lot of worthwhile ideas have been produced, and we together are going to implement them.

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