Conference: Recent Advances in Refractory Materials and Filtration. Prospects and trends

Maxim A. Chernykh, General Director of JSC Basalt Projects has presented his company during the event organized by “Bakor” R&D Center and Russian Venture Company (RVC).

“Bakor” R&D Center is a Russian scientific and applied research leader in the field of specialized ceramic composites and materials for both the most critical parts of thermal plants and pulps and concentrates filtering technology applied in the mining and smelting industries. This year, R&D Center has celebrated the 25th anniversary of its official foundation. The products of the Center has been successfully utilized by glass chemical, metallurgy, nuclear, mining & smelting, petrochemical, utilities and other industries.

The participants of the conference included top managers from Russian and foreign companies, and professionals from scientific, government and business circles. The opening speech was given by Boris L. Krasnyi, Doctor of Engineering, academician of the World Academy of Ceramics, the winner of the State Prizes of the USSR and Russia, who welcomed the participants. Then Irina Paly, the Deputy General Director of “Bakor” R&D Center, reported on the experience and prospects of innovative refractory materials developed by “Bakor” R&D Center.

Conference: Recent Advances in Refractory Materials and Filtration. Prospects and trends.
Photo: RVC

The conference included reports covering the issues connected with the technologies of basalt fiber manufacture, such as follows:

• Successful experience in refractory materials developed by “Bakor” R&D Center for protecting cells of smelt-furnace bath — Sergey K. Izmestev, chief specialist of HZ “Bazalit DV”
• Features of technology for the manufacture of basalt continuous fiber with improved properties — Sergey Gutnikov, Candidate of Chemical Science, research officer, Moscow Lomonosov State University.
• The use of specialized ceramics developed by “Bakor” R&D Center in induction unit for continuous basalt melting — Victor Bartashov, Doctor of Engineering, Director of IB Engineering GmbH, Austria.

The participants enjoyed the opportunity to learn about innovations and prospects in the field of refractory materials, to familiarize with the main trends of energy efficiency in various industries in terms of import substitution, to exchange experience in implementing advanced technologies in enterprises of various industries.

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