Ist International Basalt Forum: results and outcomes

As expected, the event served as a platform for constructive communication among basalt professionals, representatives of allied industries from Russia and foreign countries, scientists, and financial experts.

The event initiators are the Union of Basalt Industry Development, and Moscow Polytechnic University which provided the venue. They created all the conditions for easy and efficient work process. More than a hundred professionals, including representatives of China, Venezuela, Belarus, Ukraine, and other countries took part in the Forum. GC Basalt Projects was the general sponsor that supported the Forum as a promising event, with a view to holding it annually.

Ist International Basalt Forum: results and outcomes

The Forum started with a plenary debate “Prospects of Basalt Industry in an Era of Technological Mutations. Strategy 2035”. Roman Nezovibatko, CEO of the Union of Basalt Industry Development moderated the debate, and the key-note speakers were as follows:

– Aleksey Udivanov, General Director of OOO “Russian Basalt”;

– MaksimChernykh, General Director of Basalt Projects Group of Companies;

– Sergey Kanashov, General Director of OOO “Uralteplopanel”;

– Vladimir Sekerin,  Professor of Moscow Polytechnic University;

– VyacheslavLuginin , General Director of “UK BazaltKapital”;

– NikolayAblesimov, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Professor, Doctor of Chemistry;

– Alexander Kalinnikov, Deputy Director of the Interbranch Engineering Center “New Materials, Composites, and Nanotechnology”.

Ist International Basalt Forum: results and outcomes

All the participants could take part in the debates in a “live microphone” mode. The communication was informative and dynamic, and raised diverse topics related not only to the state and significance of the industry as part of the composite sector but also to its specific features and requirements. The participants raised the following issues: interaction among scientific and industrial sectors of the industry, a financial component, economic attractiveness of business projects in the sector. They discussed the need to develop industry standards and build a dialogue with government agencies.

Ist International Basalt Forum: results and outcomes

The thematic sessions also passed in a lively way. Representatives of special economic zones (SEZ) Moglino and Stupino briefed the participants on the benefits of their sites, the attendees got informed about specific features and terms of registration in SEZ, which are managed by public authorities and private companies within the framework of the section “Adaptive regional platforms for the growth of basalt fiber productions and products on its base.”

An interesting discussion was unfolded at the section “Mineral and technological mapping of raw materials as an import substitution strategy for basalt fiber manufacture” on the topic of selecting raw material sources for the manufacture of continuous basalt fiber. The participants discussed the method of Dmitriy Grischuk from Basalt Projects Group of Companies on the chemical and petrological evaluation of basalt raw material concerning its suitability for CBF production.

Networking at the Forum sites led to signing the Agreement on the establishing the marine scientific and technological cluster among GC Basalt Projects, UK Bazalt.Kapital and AO Marine Innovation Engineering Center Arktika.

Ist International Basalt Forum: results and outcomes

Initiators and participants expressed mutual gratitude and hope to meet the next year during the II Forum that promises to become a regular event.


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