«Базальтовые проекты» приняли участие во 2-й международной выставке «Импортозамещение-2016»

JSC Basalt Projects took part in the 2nd international exhibition “Import Substitution-2016”

JSC Basalt Projects is taking active steps towards import substitution so domestic technologies for themanufacture ofbasalt fiber and basalt composites have generated a lively discussion among attendees and participants of the exhibition.

Composites tend to increasingly replace conventional materials in almost every major sector of industry and construction due to their strength and durability. It is necessary to introduce and develop the best domestic practices, use local raw materials, conduct research, especially because basalt depositsare enormousin the country.

The stand of Basalt Projects was dedicated to the advanced engineering technologies for the continuous basalt fiber manufacture and subsequent use of that fiber in the composite materials. Despite the great number of participants, there were no other representatives of the composite materials industryamong them.

Preliminary results of the exhibition can be considered to bea lively and constructive dialogue with the representatives of stakeholder companies, and establishing of business cooperation with potential partners.

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