Basalt projects GC participated in Conference on Composite Materials Application in Oil & Gas Industry

The conference was held in St. Petersburgwithin the framework of the subprogram «GrowthofProduction in Composite Materials and Composite ProductsSectors», which is part of Russia’s state program «Industrial Development and Enhancing Industry Competitiveness».

Basalt projects GC was represented by V.R. Demidov, counselor to General Director, and A.V. Nikitin, President of Basalt Industry Development Union «Soyuzbazalt».The conference was attended by representatives of federal and regional authorities, Russian manufacturing companies and potential consumers of polycomposite products in the oil and gas industry.

Constructive exchange of views took place concerningcomposite materials that are in demand, satisfy high requirements and tailored to oil and gas specifics. In view of this, properties and conditions ofbasalt composites application provoked active interest among theindustry specialists.

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