Basalt Projects Group of Companies at Composite Expo 2017

Basalt Projects has conducted promising negotiations and concluded agreements during the event.

On the first exhibition day, February 28, the display stand of Basalt Projects GC was visited by a government delegation of South Ossetia and by Cartaya Ortuno Ricardo Alejandro who is the Director of Construction for Russia, which is part of the Chamber of Construction, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

The initiator of establishing continuous basalt fiber manufacture in South Ossetia is Alfa-Nadezhda, this company asked Basalt Projects Inc. to provide engineering services. During the exhibition, the Economic Development Minister of South Ossetia William Dzagoev and the Chairman of the Committee for the Industry, Transport and Energy, Vasily Dzasseev, expressed readiness to assist in establishing the technical infrastructure and providing a favorable economic background to start the project.

Such an opportunity to use basalt materials and products attracted an interest of international attendees who visited the display of Basalt Projects. Representatives of Iran, the Netherlands, China, Syria, India, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Belarus and other countries expressed willingness to cooperate with the Russian progressive engineering company to develop basalt-focused plants in their countries.

At the same time, the display also aroused a great interest among the Russian visitors. Company representatives and private persons had an opportunity to learn about technologies and details of the production process, applicability in various applications, characteristics and properties, as well as an economic component of the production process. The issue of plants conversion to produce basalt rods instead of glass composite rods was the topical among the visitors.

The official dealer, Trading House “Russian Basalt” showcased samples of the finished products on the stand of Basalt Projects GC. The visitors saw ТМ Meltrock basalt fiber and high-quality basalt composite rebar, profile and geogrid manufactured from this fiber by TM Kompositor. The highlight of the display was a kayak made of basalt fabric produced by St. Petersburg company, which had previously specialized in creating boats only of glass or carbon fibers.

Basalt Projects Group of Companies at Composite Expo 2017

According to the General Director of Basalt Projects GC, Maxim A. Chernykh, basalt fiber and basalt products are well known worldwide due to a range of unique properties and lower cost compared to carbon fiber. However, this material is still far from reaching its full potential.

The executive director of the Union of Basalt Industry Development, Roman Nezovibatko, noted the following:

It is difficult to overestimate the potential capacity of this event. The platform of Composite Expo draws professionals of the composite market, those who know the industry from inside. They have an opportunity to exchange views, experiences, establish contacts. In addition, the event offers the widest reach of companies’ representatives interested in the application of corrosion-resistant and durable products, professionals who can be given an “alive” demonstration of basalt products and who will be able to look at competitive advantages and production capacity of these products.

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