An agreement on the construction of a plant for the production of basalt composite products in the UK was signed

On July 19, at the office of the Basalt Projects Group of Companies, the negotiations that began in early 2018 ended with the signing of a contract for the organization of production of basalt-composite products in the UK.

The implementation of the agreement involves the launch of the enterprise in several stages, the first of which will take place in October this year after completion of commissioning works on the pultrusion lines “Compositor Sergey Rachmaninov” of its own design. Under the terms of the contract, Basalt projects also accomplish the supply of raw materials and implementation of guarantee and subsequent maintenance of equipment.

The organization of basalt-composite production is a precedent in the territory of the Foggy Albion. For the first time, the modern technology of manufacturing of the final composite product based on basalt fiber has been developed in island Europe. Already now, before the start of the plant, the partner company of the project received preliminary orders for the use of products in infrastructure construction represented by the largest organizations that provide an increase in both the country’s road network and its quality characteristics and the term of operation of all components.

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