The demand for “Basalt projects” services has stepped into the western hemisphere of the Earth.

In early September, an official delegation of representatives of Venezuela, led by the Ambassador in Russia, Mr. Carlos Rafael Faria Tortosa, took part in the meeting with the leadership of the GC “Basalt Projects”. Within the framework of the negotiations, the competence of the Group in terms of engineering of production of basalt fiber and final composite products based on it was presented.

Currently, the Government of the Bolivarian Republic has adopted and is preparing for implementation a national program for the construction of low-rise housing stock. Due to the lack of sufficient resources in its territory that can ensure the implementation of this program, the responsible government units of Venezuela are searching for modern and economically justified technologies and industries to provide construction products to the executors of the project.

The group of companies “Basalt projects” entered into the list of technological partners, because of its developments in this direction, with a proposal to development in the region of production of basalt composites, which will be able not only to take into account the logistics shoulder and the presence of its own Venezuelan deposits of basalt rocks to compete in value with the metal in relation, for example, to the reinforcement, but also to better withstand the climatic features of the territory. The latter is especially important, as more than 75% of the country’s population lives in the coastal zone with significant changes in temperature and humidity, as well as an increased concentration of salts in the air, which contribute to the accelerated destruction of metal structures.

As an outcome of the meeting, an agreement was reached on a pre-project analysis of the region to develop a road map for the development of the composite industry in Venezuela, and support was received from the Ambassador in Russia for assistance in the implementation of the project. It should be reminded that negotiations are a planned continuation of business relations, the development of which was laid during the visit of the leadership of the GC “Basalt Projects” in Venezuela to the Expo Venezuela Potencia production show in Caracas in March 2017.

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