The United team of GC “Basalt projects” became the silver winner of the mini-football tournament of Technopolis “Moscow”

The first day of summer, the World Children’s Day, was marked by a charity friendly mini-football tournament held by the Moscow Technopolis management with the support of the Department of Science of Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship of Moscow, the Department of Sports and Tourism of Moscow and information support of the sectoral media on the base of the sports school of the Olympic reserve “Moskvich”.

8 teams took part in the competition: residents of Technopolis, organizers, city administration team, etc. The team of professionals who trained at the stadium won the team competition in the result of a fierce fight. The first place among the guests of the competition and the honorable silver of the tournament in a stubborn fight was taken by the joint team of the GC “Basalt Projects”. Separately, we would like to mention the brilliant game of the goalkeeper-legionnaire, representing the nonprofit organization of of the Union of Development of the Basalt Industry “Basalt Union”.

The management of GC “Basalt projects” congratulates the heroes of the match personally:

  • Timur Akhmerov
  • Dmitry Totsky
  • Alexey Zaitsev
  • Andrey Kruglov
  • Anton Boloshevich
  • Stanislav Chimiris
  • Dmitry Dolgiy
  • Yuri Fortuna
  • Dmitry Kosmovsky
  • Sergey Leonov

We thank the Technopolis “Moscow” for the organized sports festival and hope that such events will become regular.

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