Pultrusion lines «Kompozitor»

The quality and efficiency of the equipment are the key to the production of products of the highest standards with optimal low cost price.

One of the crucial activities of JSC “Basalt projects” is the production and supply of modern energy-efficient Production lines under the brand name “Kompozitor” for the production of final composite products with pultrusion method.

ВIn accordance with the customer’s specifications, each supplied line can be adapted for the production of rebar with a diameter of 4 to 20 mm, mini-rebar, grids and profiles based on continuous basalt fiber, as well as other reinforcing fibers.

The “Kompozitor” lines are designed by a modular method on a single frame to optimize the assembly processes, commissioning and reconfiguration of equipment to another type of product.

Management of the Technological Line ” Kompozitor” is controlled by one operator using a console, which is a screen with modern technology Touch Pad.

Pultrusion lines ” Kompozitor” are designed with the ability to install a system of non-destructive ultrasonic quality control of the finished product. Adjustable feet allow you to set the line on the uneven surface of the floor with a difference of up to 40 mm. The line is equipped with ceramic thread holders, which allows you to save the fiber from the pushing and damage along the way from a reel to a spinneret.

Because of the applied design solutions in the technological lines ” Kompozitor”, it provides a wide area of uniform heating of the air through which the reinforcing bars are stretched. Polymerization occurs evenly and in full. The specialists of the “Basalt projects” provide a full range of services for the start-up and maintenance of the Kompozitor Production Lines in the shortest possible time, staff training and setup of technological processes, as well as the supply of raw materials and components.

Do you want to produce composite products based on CBF?

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Specialists from Basalt Projects developed a pack plan (generic solution) creating a CBF production plant using cutting-edge technologies, comprising the step of pre-project planning, as well as phases of design and construction of large-scale plant of CBF and composites production, which at the current development stage of the market will bring the fastest ROI for the investors.