Basalt projects GC at the conference held as part of the International exhibition Composite-Expo

Delegates of Basalt Projects GC took part in the international scientific and practical conference ‘The Current State and Prospects for the Development of Production and Application of Composite Materials in Russia’, which was held as part of the 11th International Specialized Exhibition on Composite Materials and Technologies, Composite-Expo. Read more

Basalt projects GC participated in Conference on Composite Materials Application in Oil & Gas Industry

The conference was held in St. Petersburgwithin the framework of the subprogram «GrowthofProduction in Composite Materials and Composite ProductsSectors», which is part of Russia’s state program «Industrial Development and Enhancing Industry Competitiveness».

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Basalt Projects Group has demonstrated the potential of basalt fiber at the conference “Contemporary Technologies for Airports Design and Construction”

The presentation made by the spokespersons from the Union for Basalt Industry Development “Soyuzbazalt” addressed the issues of effective basalt fiber application to the construction of airports infrastructure.
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Industry-based web-portal Basalt.Today has started to work

Industry-based web-portal Basalt.Today has started to work

Basalt.Today is an independent industry-based web-portal, engaged in publishing popular science articles focusing on manufacturing technologies, solutions, and research in the field of the products produced from basalt raw materials and basalt-based composites. It is designed with the purpose to facilitate the development of domestic basalt industry, to establish business contacts, and to support innovative ideas. Read more

The conference “Basalt-2015”

The conference “Basalt-2015” to be held in Moscow on the 3rd of December

The event is organized by the Basalt projects Group of Companies. The purpose of the conference is to discuss the situation on the market of basalt fiber and basalt based composites, to find like-minded people ready to join forces in the development of basalt industry in Russia and the development of production of basalt fibers and related technologies. Read more